Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Timothy's Blog!

Hi! My name is Timothy! I like Pokemon Go and I play it once a week. Screenshot 2017-05-16 11.18.26.png
I play Pokemon Moon. I play Prodigy and I’m on level 68. I play Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. I love pizza !! My friends are Carter, Parker, and Zachary. Screenshot 2017-05-16 11.18.12.pngScreenshot 2017-05-16 11.19.08.pngMy birthday is October 16th. I play basketball. I have a PS3. I love Star Academy and my teacher is Miss Evans.
 Screenshot 2017-05-16 11.18.50.pngScreenshot 2017-05-16 11.18.39.png
What level are you on in Prodigy if you play?


  1. Dear Timothy,
    I am on level 44! Whats your favorite Pokemon? Mine is Mega Charizard X!
    Your friend Carter.

  2. Dear Timothy,
    Did you know that I like Pokemon Sun and Moon? Do you? I really want a Pikachu plushy and I don't have one. You are lucky.
    Your friend,

  3. Dear timothy, On prodigy I had to make a new Acount and now. I am on level 1,or 2,or 3, or 4, do you like Lego's or Xbox 360?what Is your favorite pokemon? love Erik,

  4. Dear Timothy,
    I play Prodigy too and on level 72. How many pets do you have? I have over 100.
    From, Mackenzie