Thursday, February 26, 2015

Emily's Blog

Hi my name is Emily and this is my blog. My favorite thing to do in school is homework because it helps you get smart. Every Thursday we do Minecraft. I like it because it is my first time doing Minecraft!!!!!
I was born in 2006 November 30th .It is cool because me and my cousins are very close  to each other I have two great parents and their names are Jennifer and  Nakia and I love them very much. Below is a picture of my mom and dad. My mom comes and does art with us on Fridays. My dad came to volunteer at our Halloween party this year! I have one great teacher named Mrs.Evans and she is great!! Here are a few pictures from my class.

My name is TONY!! I love pizza and Minecraft. I also like Lego’s and Star Wars!! Mrs.Evans and Ms. Miller are my teachers. I went to the Capitol building for a field trip with my 2nd grade class. My mom was a chaperone with me and my classmates! Here are a few pictures from our trip! How many times have you been to the Capitol Building?

Aekas’ Skylander Blog 

Hi everybody, my name is Aekas. Today I’ll blog about Skylanders. Skylander games in the series are played by placing character figures on the "Portal of Power", a device that reads the figures' tags and "imports" the character represented by the figure into the game as a playable character. There are eight elemental categories to which a character, known as a Skylander, can belong: earth, air, fire, water, magic, life, tech, and undead. There are three new elements in Skylanders: Trap Team: Kaos, Light and Dark. 
There are four different games of Skylanders:
1. Skylanders Trap Team
2. Skylanders Swap Force
3. Skylanders Giants
4. Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure
I have Skylanders Swap Force and Trap Team. In Skylander Swap Force, the tyrant Kaos threatens to destroy Skylands, the home of Skylanders. In the Trap Team, Kaos blew up the walls of Cloudcraker Prison and freed very bad villains. My brother, Aekam, and I defeated Kaos, the bad guy, in Trap Team already. We are working on beating him in Swap Force. 
My brother and I have quite a few Skylanders ourselves.

Here are the pictures of all the Trap Team Skylanders my brother & I have ☺
And here are the pictures of all the Swap Force Skylanders my brother & I have ☺ ☺ ☺

In the pictures above, I’ve also added the element for each Skylander. Also, I have all the traps except for one for Kaos. They are very useful when you find powerful villains and you defeat them. The traps can trap the villains and the player can play as the by plugging in the trap.
My favorite Skylander in Swap Force is THORN HORN CAMO because he has really cool sun blast attack and his watermelon attacks. One of his upgrades are that his watermelon turn to pumpkins and do increased damage. Here is a little trailer of him. Thorn Horn Camo
My favorite Skylander Trap Team is KNIGHT MARE because one of her upgrades is that she makes a sound wave and she can clone the enemy into shadow and they help her fight the villains. Here is a small preview of her. Nightmare
Hope you enjoyed my blog. Ask me anything about Skylanders and I can help you ☺ I would love to hear what you think of it. 

Hello my name is Aniruddh and this is a paragraph about me.
I am being Tiger Woods for the 2nd grade Wax Museum. Did you know that Tiger Woods’ real name is Eldrick Woods?
My favorite branch of government is the Executive Branch.What is your favorite branch of government? My favorite part of government is when they are passing a law. This is a picture of us at the Capitol Building field trip.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hi my name is Irie. I like to read Ivy+Bean. My favorite food is pizza. I also like to play on my DS.

I am a 2nd grader and I am 8 years old. The school that I go to is Star Academy.I am learning about Government. My favorite thing in school is reading our books about Government. What are some cool facts that you know about our United States Government?
Hi! I’m Kobe and I am a second grader in Mrs. Evans’ class.  I have a little sister and her name is Kara. I’ve been to Legoland in California and went to every part of the park.
In second grade, we got to go to the State Capitol building for a field trip. Do you like my pictures?

My favorite subject is math. In second grade we do think-o-grams where pictures make up the answers. We also studied rocks and here is a picture from our guest speaker that was a geologist and his name is Mr. Goodwin!

At home, I have minecraft on all my devices and it’s my favorite game. My favorite part of Minecraft is making lots of mods. What is YOUR favorite thing to do on Minecraft?
Hi my name is Elliott Gough and this is My Blog. I love Minecraft!! My favorite food is pizza and tacos. I love rocks and also minerals. One fact about rocks is they are made of minerals. Here is one picture of my favorite rock. What is cool fact that YOU know about rocks?