Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Aryan's Blog

Screenshot 2017-05-16 12.01.01.pngHello my name is Aryan. Here’s  my blog. My favorite birthday present is when I was a member on Prodigy.
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I have been on many trips and one of them was to drop my sister off at her school. It was a nine hour drive. One of my school trips was the State Capitol Building and our grade got permission to go there.
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My favorite type of food is chocolate strawberries.  
In school, I like to do reading and I like to play Prodigy on the Chromebook! I just like staying in one place. My favorite sport is soccer because you can kick a ball really high.  My favorite time in school are glad stations. My favorite type of animal  is the megalodon shark. Did you know the megalodon shark is like 90 feet long! My favorite enrichment is soccer this year. My favorite movie is Rock Dog. My favorite colors are gold and blue. What is your favorite thing to do in school?


  1. Dear Aryan, I am sorry that no one commented on your blog!!! so You ARE MY BEST FRIEND!!!!! What is your favorite toy? love Erik,

  2. Dear Aryan,
    You are a nice and kind friend.
    What level are you in on prodigy.
    What is your name in prodigy.


  3. Dear Aryan
    I like prodigy what level or you on?Do you know what level I am on? What is you'r migic number?
    love timmy

  4. Dear Aryan,
    What level are you on prodigy? I'm on level 72. What is you're favorite bird? My favorite bird is the American goldfinch.
    From, Mackenzie