Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Diego's Blog

Hi this is Diego. I like playing code games and Minecraft code game. it is fun to play Pokemon go - I know some of you like pokemon is that true. My best Pokemon is
Mega Aggron. He is so powerful. Also, like Yo Kai watch and three DS game is awesome.

Fun fact about my family is we all like to sing and watch movies like the movie Sing. It is so funny. I always want to go to Legoland and I love the hotel and the rides. My best book in my house is Amulet book 8. It is so cool. Did you know I love playing Prodigy? I love the symbaloo that miss Evans made. It has fun games and more. Fun facts about me are I love reading and playing soccer. Did you know I love playing all kind of sports like soccer? My favorite place to go is Reno because the casino is so fun. There they have a circus in the casino and a hotel.Things that I to play are Minecraft. My favorite Youtuber is Stampy. My friends are Carter, Parker, Jared, Zack, and Jackson. What is your favorite video game?
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  1. Dear Diego,
    What is your favorite place you went because this summer I am going to I am going to a place I really liked for a really long time.Have you gone from your aunt house for a really long time like seven hours.

  2. Dear,Diego
    what is your favorite shad of blue? I love salad do you? I like you as a friend.


  3. Dear Diego
    What is your favorite coding game? My favorite game is star wars! I love reading too.

  4. Dear Diego,
    Do you know how to do some magic? I can! and I will teach you if you want to know. you are nice.


  5. Dear Diego,
    I love Roblox too. Do you know who John Doe is? He is the first account on Roblox and Jane Doe was the second player on Roblox.

    Your friend,