Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Aaqil's Blog

Aaqil’s blog
Hello my name is Aaqil and my favorite color is blue and I like Roblox do you? I like going to San francisco because it is one hour from my home. I like playing soccer and I like Prodigy and I have Pokemon cards like Pokemon sun and moon. I like this school and it’s amazing. I like Amulet books and I had fun at Market Day and I was in the pet rocks group.I like Minecraft and I also like the Youtuber Dantdm. Lastly, I like my family.

I like basketball also and my second favorite color is red and green. I think 2017 will be a amazing year and my favorite season is summer because I  get to go to the swimming pool. I like going to the beach and I like doing art in Mrs. Shane’s class because they do amazing art project’s. In first grade, we went to the Sacramento Zoo. In the zoo, we went to the cafe and we ate french fries with ketchup. It was good. My family and friends went to Six Flags in 2014 and it was so fun. I went on fun rides but I was a little bit scared on the rides. I have a sister that is 11 months and she is turning 1 year old in April 17. What are your favorite sports?

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  1. Dear Aaqil,
    Did you know I like Prodigy too! Im a member and I am on level 72. What level are you on?
    From, Mackenzie

  2. To Aaqil,
    Did you know I went to Six flags three times and the trips were cool? What is your favorite ride? Because mine was the one where you go up and down. I went on to my big sister's school then we went to San Francisco then it took 2 hours to get back.
    From, Aryan

  3. Dear Aaqil,
    Do have Rubx on Roblox? Do you play Minecraft on Xbox 1?
    You're friend, Mariah

  4. Dear aaqil,
    what is your favorite shad of blue? I love salad do you? I like you as a friend.


  5. Dear,Aaqil
    Was Abrham Lincoln your hero for the presentation
    Did you do wax museum, Tellagamie, or a song, a rap or a poem?
    John F. Kennedy was my hero.
    from Mahit

  6. Dear Aaqil,
    You like Pokemon sun and moon, I do too. My favorite sport is Hokey. My favorite season summer too.


  7. Dear Aaqil,
    I love Amulet! I am on level 44 on prodigy! Do you love dab crab?
    Your friend, Carter

  8. Dear Aaqil
    How many Robux do you have? In Roblox, what is your Roblox username? Mine is Sophiaowllove123.

    Your friend,

  9. Dear Aaqil
    Do you like Amulit #7?
    Did you see the Boss Baby?
    How old are you?
    Your classmate, Timmy