Monday, May 23, 2016


My name is Sarah and I love to write and play. Do you like to play and write? Anyway, Do you know where is Ukraine? My aunt lives there too. It’s a good place even if I have never been there before in my life.

Also my whole family was born in Mexico City, even my aunt. 
Also, Do you like ice cream? It is really good. Have you ever tried Lemon Ice cream or cookies and cream? If you don’t like both of them, it’s ok because some people don’t like it either (like my sister Maya). I love the flavor cookies and cream it’s sooooooo good to eat for dessert especially cookies and cream ice cream.

Oo and also my favorite thing to do in school Is read and math and Play also write. 
Oh and what’s your favorite Thing to do in school and in math? Mine is to doodle on my whiteboard. Well that’s all for now!
Love Sarah.   ( :  (: