Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We have had such an amazing month in 2nd grade! We've had so much fun with our forces and motion unit; from new Kahoot and Jeopardy review games, to a bowling field trip testing friction, pushes/pulls and speed, we made lasting memories. We loved every minute of our time learning new, cool science concepts. We also tried out some really cool GLAD strategies and this was a fun sentence pattern chart about simple machines!

Here are a few pictures to show you how Star Surfers Rock!!! Click here to see our awesome PhotoPeach photo album-Star Surfer Forces and Motion Bowling Alley Trip! We have another fun album of our class experiments testing simple machines and resistance - Forces experiments. What was YOUR favorite part of our forces and motion unit?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mariana's Blog

Hi My name is Mariana and this is my blog, I am in second grade.I have two awesome teachers and their names are Mrs.Evans And Ms.Miller.I have been to Disneyland once and the snow twice! My favorite color is blue. I also play soccer and my team name is splash! I also like to watch Disney channel. My favorite show on Disney channel is K.C Undercover. I like to play all kinds of sports! I  had 2 dogs but 1 died. Do you have any animals?
slobber dogCover art. Disney Channel 
Hi. My name is Zachary!!! This is my awesome blog. I am in Mrs.Evans and Ms. Miller’s 2nd grade class. I love reading chapter books. Right now, I am learning about forces and motions. I am also learning about time on an analog clock. My favorite game to play is Monopoly.My favorite sport to play is  basketball.Bola Basket, Orange, Clipart,
My favorite sport team is the St. Louis Cardinals and the Sacramento Kings. My favorite book is Harry Potter. 70560357_ed641da851_o.jpg
I have a brother named Sam. My favorite movie is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

photo 1.JPGHi my name is Jershon and
photo 3.PNGI  have 3 sisters and here is a picture of Azalea.

I am a second grader in Mrs. Evans’ class. My favorite subject is math because I am good at math. In second grade we also do mystery readers and both of my parents were a guest reader to our class.

photo (34).JPGSomething that we do in second grade is Think-O-Grams. Think-o-Grams are puzzles with pictures, and those pictures make up answers. An example is a Burning Question (see my picture). My favorite My number in second grade is 18. For my birthday, I am going to Laser Craze. I am going to be Bill Gates for the Wax Museum and my friend is Steve Jobs. Here is a video link of me doing my February book project Bill Gates AKA JL.  What are you being for the Wax Museum?  photo (35).JPG

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hi, my name is Audrey and this is my blog. I like puppies! I have a pet hamster.
I have a brother and he has a fish. Its name is fluffy and it's a beta fish. My hamsters name is Num-nums cause she eats alot. We had File:Female betta closeup.jpga fieldtrip to the State Capital and it was really fun. I play on a soccer team. Our name is Firestars! These are my teammates: me, Maya, Peyton, Regan, Julia, Rebecca, Madeline, Andrea, Mira, Olivia, and Zoe.German national team in 2012photo