Monday, October 26, 2015

Jacob Morgan’s Blog

My trip to South Lake Tahoe.  South Lake Tahoe is a rural community.

This is our hotel where we stayed.  It had a lot of plants and a koi pond with turtles in it.
We saw a bear outside our hotel. I wonder if he ever got his lunch?
We went to Taylor Creek visitor center and went on a hike on Rainbow trail. We saw rainbow trout and Kokanee salmon.
Can you find the Salmon.
Can you find the chipmunk?  Chipmunks blend into their environment.
This is a real natural beaver dam. This was made by real beavers but we didn't see any.
We enjoyed the lake and I made a rock maze.
We took a long hike to Eagle Lake. My Dad says this is desolation wilderness. Doesn't this mountain range look cool?
I made a rock marker to mark that we were going the right way.
I climbed up my first rock face. It was FUN!😄
We finally made it to Eagle Lake. It was a long hike. But it was much faster going back.
Doesn't this mountain look pretty cool?

And Pretty Awesome!!

Wouldn't you like to live in Lake Tahoe?  Not me, but I enjoyed visiting.
Hope you found the hidden creatures.

Jacob Morgan