Thursday, March 3, 2016

Emma's Blog

My name is Emma and I love math. I love to read in class and I also have Mrs. Evans as a teacher so I am very lucky! My sister is named Hannah and she is very funny, nice, and smart. I love to play with her all the time! The people I play with a lot are Priya, Emily, Abby and Hailey. The people who sit with me in my team table are Priya, Yasalde, and Reiver. Who do you sit with in your table? I love Star Wars SO MUCH! My dad is super nice funny and he always is kind to me and my sister. 
My dad and me on Meet the Teacher day!
The people who live in my house  always have up to 2 fast food nights a week. Me and my sister love to go shopping at Amazon or Target. My Aunt Megan is so nice and funny! She is almost married to my soon to be Uncle Pong. They are getting married on April 2nd and they live together already. They are getting married at Santa Cruz and on the 3rd, we are all going to the boardwalk and we are going to ride roller coasters like the Big Dipper! I have a cat named Ace and he is super active and he is almost three years old! I did clay designs for Market Day and it was super fun and I did it with Abby and Hailey. 
My friends and me at Market Day!
I love the game Animal Jam and there is this thing with buddies and Abby, Hailey, and I are all buddies! I also love math and the math game Prodigy! I am going to be Rosa Parks for the Wax Museum. 
Me as Rosa Parks during our dress rehearsal for the Wax Museum!
Who are you going to be? The end!