Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Caleb's Blog

Hi! My name is Caleb. I have one brother named Connor. My favorite show is Clone Wars. My favorite friends are Cal, Connor, Sam, Chase O., Chace M., and Huck.
This is me and Sam wearing the same clothes!
My favorite book is I Survived. Me and Chase O. go to the same church.
At school I like to read and write. We did a project called Market Day. I created and sold baseball cards to almost 600 kids!
Me and my friend, Chase O, sold our products together at Market Day!
I also like to play with my friends at recess. My teacher, Mrs. Evans, is a real OHIO STATE fans and I brought this magazine in for her from Sports Illustrated.
What is your favorite thing to do at school?

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Henry's Blog

Hi! My name is Henry. My favorite book is Captain Underpants. I like Prodigy. Do you like Prodigy? I like pizza and I want Big Hex from Prodigy. I got a totem pole from Alaska. Here are my pictures!

This is my family at the airport.

These are bear footprints.

Brielle's Blog

Hi my name is Brielle. My favorite food is pizza and I like to play with my friends Krishelle and Michelle and Alexis. I have 3 dogs there names are Kingston, Sadie, and Sonya. I have a sister named Mia. She is nice and she plays soccer and she is a goalie. My favorite animal is a baby pig and a baby tiger and my BFF is Krishelle. My favorite toy is Whiskers. I like to play Prodigy. I'm on level 67, what level are you on?
This is at our Halloween party.

My first Market Day face painting job.

Making our poster for Market Day with my friends!

Teaching math to my class.

My first day of second day meeting new friends!

Krishelle's Blog

Hi! My name is Krishelle and I have an older brother and a sister. My favorite food is Broth and pizza and my favorite color is Blue and emerald. I have two pets they are cats and they are Black! I love to paint and Draw! I also like to play with Brielle and Michelle and Alexis. My sister’s name is Kaylah she is 17 and my Brother is 12. My favorite animal is a snow leopard. My Bff is Brielle. My cats are named Daisy and Yoshi. My favorite thing is to play. My mommy is 38 and my Daddy is 33. I am African. I am a great great granddaughter. I love my self !!!!!! What is your favorite kind of math?
This is me at Market Day with my dad.

This is me working at Market Day!

This is picture day for 2nd grade.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Welcome 2017-18 Star Surfers!!

Welcome 2017-18 Star Surfers!!

Welcome my new little Star Surfers! I cannot wait to meet you and your family in the upcoming week. I am truly blessed to begin my 6th year at Star Academy. I love this school more and more each year and I can't wait to share that love with YOU. 

This year, you'll hear a lot about the Ohio State Buckeyes...I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio…I love football!!! I lOVE that my 2nd graders begin to appreciate The Ohio State Buckeyes by the end of the school year also :)

I hope you enjoyed your summer because we are going to hit the ground running on Wednesday! After this blog post, I won't be doing the will! My blog is completely student-driven and every student will be publishing his/her own blog post this school year!

Check out some of our awesome posts from the past few years below. And I leave you with a picture of my own crazy kiddos that you'll hear all about this year!