Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Nathan's Blog

Hi! My name is Nathan this is my star surfer blog. My favorite color is blue. My favorite food is pasta. My best friends are Sam, Caleb, Chace, Tristyn, Lekhak, and Jordan:) My favorite game on the computer is Roblox. I have this much Robux on Roblox 999,999,999,999,999,999:) I like emojis:) I have a dog named bullet:) I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I have been to Hawaii and the Philippines. i Have a lot friends. I sold 192 Ninja stars at market day. I am filipino. I am a huge fan of Roi Wassabi. My favorite friend ever is all of them. My favorite sweet is chocolate. My favorite place to go is McDonalds. I like milkshakes. I like games. That is all :) what is your favorite color?
This was at our 2nd grade play and I got to hand out programs to the parents.
This was when we were all playing Minecraft in the same world.
We went to our State Capitol field trip
This was me and Aaron selling out our Origami Ninja Stars at Market Day and getting a lot of tickets!

Ariel's Blog

Hi! My name is Ariel! I love Minecraft and Pokemon! Have you been to Dillon’s Beach because I have. Do you like Oreo ice cream because I do. Have you ever played Hello Neighbor I have! My friends are Sia, Lea and Michelle! Do you have a xbox one because i do.

Chase O.

Hi! My name is Chase. I love to play basketball.  I love class with Mrs. Evans. I love second grade. I love Minecraft. I like to go swimming. I  like to play on devices. I also like to play with Sam, Jeremiah, Akshat. I love to play on my ipad.  How many devices do you have?
This is me with all of my friends
This is me doing the ice pop challenge 
This is me rocking my jammies playing on the iPad for our electronic party!

Lea's Blog

Hi! My name is Lea! My favorite thing in math is regrouping! My favorite color is blue what is your favorite color? My small moment is about my family and me going to a snow park at Lake Tahoe for winter break! I like chocolate ice cream and rocky road ice cream for dessert and sometimes  my mom gives me 2 scoops of both kinds im lucky. :> Do you like my smiley face? I am a girl scout and there are boy scouts too! Do you know what a girl or boy scout is? My mom has been one before.

This is me showing my Star Surfer poster!
This is my 2nd grade class
This is my group at the State Capitol Field Trip

Sofia's Blog

Hi! My name is Sofia. My favorite food is pizza. I like beany boos
My  favorite color is pink and blue. I like the movie Trolls
My favorite animal is a butterfly. My friends are Sophia and Cassie and Ella. My favorite song is Ed Sheran. My brother is in this school.
My  brother was a Mystery Reader I was so happy. My best teacher is Mrs. Evans.
We went to Bishop Ranch and my mom was a chaperone!
I was Coretta Scott King for our Wax Museum
My brother was a Mystery Reader!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Caleb's Blog

Hi! My name is Caleb. I have one brother named Connor. My favorite show is Clone Wars. My favorite friends are Cal, Connor, Sam, Chase O., Chace M., and Huck.
This is me and Sam wearing the same clothes!
My favorite book is I Survived. Me and Chase O. go to the same church.
At school I like to read and write. We did a project called Market Day. I created and sold baseball cards to almost 600 kids!
Me and my friend, Chase O, sold our products together at Market Day!
I also like to play with my friends at recess. My teacher, Mrs. Evans, is a real OHIO STATE fans and I brought this magazine in for her from Sports Illustrated.
What is your favorite thing to do at school?

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Henry's Blog

Hi! My name is Henry. My favorite book is Captain Underpants. I like Prodigy. Do you like Prodigy? I like pizza and I want Big Hex from Prodigy. I got a totem pole from Alaska. Here are my pictures!

This is my family at the airport.

These are bear footprints.