Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Mo's Blog


My name is Mathias and my favorite food is barbecue chicken wings.
My favorite animal is Bernese mountain dogs. I have a big brother named Jeremiah and a big sister named Liliana. My favorite subject at school is math. My favorite thing to do at school is have lunch with Mrs. Evans. My favorite friends are Henry, Caden, Alex K.. and Greyson. Do you have a dog or any pets?

My first day of school 
My crazy face!

My best friend, Caden

My pup, Charly

Here is a video of Charly catching treats!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Grace's Blog

Dear 3rd grade,

Hello, my name is Grace. My favorite color is blue. I love writing,
sleeping, and doing art. I used to read The Three Little Pigs when I
was little and it’s still a good book to me. I have five chickens. I
used to have six but two of them died. Then we got another one.
The ones that died were named Bill Bo and Ze Be. The ones that are
alive (might not be in the future) are named Oreo, Little Turd,
Cookie, and Barbara. The one that was new was named Little
Cracker. I also have other animals. My dog’s name is Baxter. My
cat’s name is Tuna. My Guinea pigs name’s are Whiskers and
Cinnamon. I love love pizza. It is really good. I also like ice-cream
a lot. My favorite subject is art because I love to paint also because
I’m really good at it. I have two sisters and a mom and a dad.
So my dad is outnumbered. I love my family so much it would be
hard to live without them. Made in 2018.
This is me and my friends!
This is me on Meet the Teacher day!

Ellie's Blog

Dear 3rd grade,

I hope you like my blog!  First l am going to share about myself! My favorite colors are blue and green. I do horse back riding I have a blue helmet and black boots. With Izzy at the horse show, I got a first place ribbon and a fifth place ribbon. My best frend is Izzy and she got a second place ribbon in a really hard event. She got a a forth place ribbon too. But Izzy got on a hard event.

I have a a dog named Griswald and I have 3 hermit crabs. My horse’s names are Ginger, Buck, Dazie and Rozie . The farm has 5 adult bunnies, 1 runt, and 12 baby bunnies. It also have 4 adult cats and 2 kittens and 1 cat died, it was named Tootsie Roll. My favorite related arts is art !!!!! My favorite subject is math. Do  you know my middle name? What is your favorite subject in 3rd grade?

My friends and I on Halloween

Izzy and I are doing a math STEM challenge
Peyton and I are doing the Wiener Dog STEM Challenge on the first day of school 

This is the 1st day of 3rd grade

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Peyton's Blog

Dear 3rd grade,
Hi I’m Peyton. And I want to tell you all my favorite things. I love love animals but my favorite is probably the red panda. My favorite food is pizza or noodles.

I will tell you some of my favorite things to do. In summer I love going to the pool. In the winter I love snow days because I get to play in the snow. In summer it is my birthday I turn 9. I also have a sister her name is Avery.

I have a mom add a dad. My favorite colors are turquoise and purple. I also have a cat his name is Sammy I used to have a cat named Levi but he died. Do you have any pets and what are they?
This is my classroom and my theme is the beach!

This is the Balloon Pop STEM Challenge with me and Ellie 

This is me and my sister, Avery when I was Star Surfer

This is me for Halloween when we were walking down the hallway

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

HI,My name is sophia ! MY favorite food is ICE CREAM!

I love HAWAII! I have 4 siblings and there names are

claire jorden Aj and cassie!!!!

I am going to get a PUPPY!
In the summer !!! my puppy is
going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! My name is Cassandra! My favorite food is TARKE CHICKEN!! I have a dog and his name is chewy ! I am 7 years old ! I have been to HAWAII!! I like MILK SHAKE!! I have a POOL! MY friends Sophia R, Ella L, Sofia F!! I am going to get another dog !! My BFF is SOPHIA R !!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Nathan's Blog

Hi! My name is Nathan this is my star surfer blog. My favorite color is blue. My favorite food is pasta. My best friends are Sam, Caleb, Chace, Tristyn, Lekhak, and Jordan:) My favorite game on the computer is Roblox. I have this much Robux on Roblox 999,999,999,999,999,999:) I like emojis:) I have a dog named bullet:) I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I have been to Hawaii and the Philippines. i Have a lot friends. I sold 192 Ninja stars at market day. I am filipino. I am a huge fan of Roi Wassabi. My favorite friend ever is all of them. My favorite sweet is chocolate. My favorite place to go is McDonalds. I like milkshakes. I like games. That is all :) what is your favorite color?
This was at our 2nd grade play and I got to hand out programs to the parents.
This was when we were all playing Minecraft in the same world.
We went to our State Capitol field trip
This was me and Aaron selling out our Origami Ninja Stars at Market Day and getting a lot of tickets!