Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Bhargav's Blog

Hi! My name is Bhargav and I am in Mrs. Evans’ class. I love Minecraft. My favorite pets are gold fishes and dogs. I like GLAD stations. I like my friends and i like this school. Market Day is the funnest event in this school. My teachers are the best. My goal this year is to pass the 70 book challenge. Math is simple every day. I LOVE WATCHING JOHNNY TEST AND BEN 10. I LOVE PIZZA and I love summer. The best day of my life is my birthday and my best friends are Carter and Parker. Am I your friend?

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  1. Dear Bhargav,
    Hello how are you doing? I'm doing good and I did not know you are YouTuber. You are a lower number than me. Your 12 and I am 20. So I know we met when we were little and now you are in my school. Is that amazing yes or no? I would choose yes.
    Your friend,

  2. Dear Bhargav,
    What is your favorite bird? My favorite bird is the American Goldfinch. I just started to attract them to my feeder!
    From Mackenzie

  3. Dear Bhargav
    Did you know that I went on a trip with half of my aunt,s family to drop off my big sister at a school like 2 miles to get there.What is your favorite writer and you are reading a book about him right now.


  4. Dear Bhargav
    What is your favorite game? You like Ben 10, I love Ben 10. Do you have a Dog.

  5. Dear Bhargav,
    what is your favorite shad of blue? I love salad do you? I like you as a friend.


  6. Dear Bhargav,
    You are funny and also you are cool. I wish you and me can have a play date one day. Am I your friend.