Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What better way to learn about rocks than to bring in an EXPERT GEOLOGIST? It was an amazing day and the kids will always remember it! We saw some really cool rocks, minerals...and even fossilized dinosaur poop! What was your favorite part of the presentation?


Or see it in a slide show!!  Rocks, Rock, and More Rocks!


  1. Dear Mr. Goodwin,
    I love that you have studied all of those very fascinating rocks! I think that your job is very cool! I have rock on the bottom of my kitchen floor!
    You rock, Emma

  2. Dear Mr. Goodwin
    I liked your minerals that you brought in like calcite! Your awesome because you help
    make roads safe! My favorite rock is the calcite.
    your student Jay

  3. Dear Mr. Goodwin,
    My favorite rock was the bomb! I liked the volcano when it kind of popped. My favorite part of your presentation was touching the rocks! Your cool because your a geologist.
    Your rock friend Sophie.

  4. dear Mr goodwin
    I like the rock i
    i learn them in in class.
    I like book of rocks. from Ayden

    dear Mr goodwin
    i like your rock it is cool.

  5. Dear Mr.Goodwin
    I like the rocks that you got. You are cool because you help roads be safe. I like the lava bombs.
    From Priya

  6. Dear Mr. Goodwin,
    My favorite rock is the Obsidian rock. I love the rocks you brought to school.
    What is your favorite thing about your job?
    You rock,Emily

  7. Dear Mr. Goodwin,
    My favorite type of rock was Obsidian. I think you are Awesome because you make our roads safe. What is you favorite type of rock?
    Your rock student Yuvraj

  8. Dear Mr Goodwin
    My favorite part was the volcano.
    I think i have granite in my house
    How many rocks have you found.
    Rock lover Rohin

  9. Dear Mr.Goodwin,
    I liked all the rocks.
    My favorite rock is the fossilized poop.
    From your presentation is metimorphic rocks. From Reiver

  10. Dear Mr. Goodwin,
    I love the rocks you brought in !
    Have you fond any dinosaur fossils?
    You're awesome because you help make the roads safe.

  11. hello Mr.goodwin
    I like the dinosaurs you brout in. how old is the oldest mine? I like ignios rocks the best! from cedric

  12. dear Mr goodwin
    I like your rock.
    l like book of rock.
    I learn them in class. from Ayden

  13. Dear Mr.Goodwin,
    your awesome because you help make roads!
    whats your favorite rock?
    I like to find rocks to!
    your rock lover

  14. Dear Mr. Goodwin
    I love your rooks .wear did you
    find it?because I bring lots of
    rooks to my house your rook Sarah.

  15. Dera Mr.Goodwin ,
    you are very good at presenting .
    I like the rooks you brought.
    you are awesome to help our community.
    From Hailey,

  16. Dear Mr. Goodwin,
    I like the dinausoure poo:).
    Wus your frit food.
    I like your voknoe.

  17. dear Mr. Goodwin
    why did gypsum turn my hand white? i liked the rocks you brought in.i loved the rock
    form courtney

  18. 1.Dear Mr. Goodwin I like that you make rads for us you are so nice.
    2.I did not no that pumas is rile.
    3.You are awesome because you are geologist