Friday, January 22, 2016

Hi! My name is Abby and this is my blog. 
I love to bake lots of stuff with my dad. My favorite foods are chocolate chip cookie dough and fruit...well, some fruit.  I also love to play with Shopkins. My two favorite things to do are art and play on my Chromebook.

My class loves to play Prodigy. Mostly every single day we do this thing called teacher student points. If the students are good the students get a point, but if the students are making poor choices, the teacher gets a point. When we get 20 points, we get a class party! We also earn Evans Earnings. In December, we got to choose if we wanted to save our money or spend it at our school store. I chose to save my money because I want to go out to lunch with Mrs. Evans on a weekend at the end of the year!
I am a checker-outer for the school store because I wanted to save my money! Watch my video!
We do chair days in our classroom and it is so fun. We get to choose what type of chair to sit in when we work. Mostly every day we do Think-O-Grams. We learned about what collaboration in class means a couple of weeks ago.
This is my team collaborating on an Immigration project.
My favorite subject in class is math and science. I love to go to fun Friday. My favorite room in Fun Friday is the technology room. My class is studying about rocks and minerals, but the unit is almost over. My class is switching table groups I am so excited to see who is in my new group. My favorite thing to do in school is Stars In Motion. My Aunt Tia Cecy came to be our Mystery Reader on Friday!
Here are me and my friends after a crazy day at Star In Motion!
Me and my Aunt Tia Cecy!
What's your favorite thing to do at school?


  1. Dear Abby,
    Your post was great!
    I was in Mrs. Evans class last year too!
    Did you like the rock presentation my dad and I did?
    I remember doing teacher student points! It was so fun!!
    Last year when I was in second grade I got enough "Evans earnings" to go out to lunch with Mrs. Evans!
    We went to Mimis last year but this year it closed!
    Love 3rd grader Maya

    1. Dear maya ,
      So cool you got enough Evans Earnings to go out to lunch with Mrs. Evans .That is my goal for this year . Thanks for blogging to me .
      From Abby .

  2. Dear abby,
    My favorite thing to do is reading and making my own story.What is your favorite color?I love to do star and motion too!!

    1. Dear Tresor ,
      Thanks for blogging to me .
      My favorite color is Blue . What is your favorite song in stars and motion .
      From Abby

  3. Dear Abby,
    I love mystery reader and your aunt was great and that book stega nona was great! My dad really wants to be mystery reader one day! I love having playdates with you!


    1. Dear Emma i like having play dates with you too . i hope your dad is Mystery Reader one day
      From Abby

  4. Do you like soccer. Do you like reading. Do you like school.


  5. Dear abby I like your pictures on your star surfer blog! What level are you on on prodigy? Do you like soccer?
    From Jay

  6. Dear Abby,
    I like the pictures on the blog! Do you like minecraft? What is your favorite Ice cream?

  7. Dear Abby
    Do you like minecraft?
    What is your favorite color?
    Do you like computer lab?

  8. Dear Abby
    The book that your aunt brought was really funny!
    What is your favorite food to bake with your dad?
    I like stars in motion too!!!!!

  9. Dear Abby
    I like the picture where your aunt was reading.
    I like the picture at stars in motion.
    Do you like to read.
    from Rohin

  10. Dear Abby,
    What do you bake mostly at home? Whats your favorite game on the Chromebook? Whats your favorite things to do with your friends?
    From your friend Sophie.

  11. dear abby
    hi abby it is me Ayden i like your poster so much it is awsome.
    i like picture from your poster
    i like to read. from Ayden

  12. Dear Abby,
    I love your poster.
    You are so cute in your baby pictures
    I love being your best friend .
    Your Friend Hailey,

  13. Dear Abby
    Do you no what 1000+3000,00 is .no i do not. you nice every day.

  14. Dear Abby,
    I liked your poster. It was cool that your cousin was a substitute. What is your favorite sport?
    from Yuvraj

  15. Dear wesley
    you are so are my best friend in the would.from Noah k.