Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hi I am Tresor and I will talk all about me. I love to read, paint, write and color. I like to hang out with my family. I like to ride my bike. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite color is black, purple, yellow and blue. My favorite toy is surfer girl.  

My favorite activity in 2nd grade is doing R.E.A.D and M.A.T.H workshop. My mom has come in our class to read to us and talk about owning a business. This went with our goods and services unit. In that unit, we also did Market Day where my group and I created a nail salon business and the whole school came to get their nails done! It was so fun! You can see my pictures above.

In Mrs. Evans’ class, we just got a new class pet. We have 2 guinea pigs and their names are Butterfinger and Snickers. They like to eat baby carrots, oranges, and apple slices. Fridays will be the days we get to pet the piggies and play with them outside their cage. Right now, we are allowed to watch them and sit and read with them. We adopted them from a really nice family in Roseville and here is a funny video of the piggies with their old owners. Guinea Pig Fun! What do you like to do in 2nd grade?


  1. Dear Tresor, Your mom was really good at tricking us with the Bugs that were Candy!
    What did you want for a class pet? I got what I wanted. Your friend,Mariah

    1. Dear Mariah,
      My mom is really tricky. she tricked my brother. she tricked my that there was a spider on his shoulder but it was only a black fuzz. It was funny he ran a round in circles.
      your friend,

  2. Dear Tresor,
    I like to do reading stations.
    My favorite color is blue to.
    Why did you put those pictures?


  3. Dear treasure
    what pig do you like the most?my favorite is butterfinger
    how old is golden


  4. Dear Tresor,
    I like to do math and reading in 2nd grade.
    I did origami in the market day.
    I like black,yellow,purple,and blue too.

  5. Dear Tresor,
    In 2nd grade I like to do think-o-grams. My favorite color is blue. I like your blog.

  6. Dear tresor,
    I love your pics!
    I love Ginae pigs too.
    I like to do math in 2grade

  7. Dear Tre'sor,
    I like the picture of snikers he looks so cute . what do you like about the gunia pigs?I like the we get to take them out of there cage on friday.
    love emily

  8. Tresor,
    I love the guinea pigs! Don't you? My favorite thing to do in school is the 40 book challenge! It is so cool that we get to sit by the cage! Now nobody wants to sit in the library.


  9. Dear Tresor,
    I like minecraft.
    I love math.
    My favorite mod in minecraft is the pizza mode.
    What is your favorite thing to do?


  10. dear tre'sor
    I remember that market day to that was fun
    that guinie pig is snickers
    what do you do with all those pennies the one in the library

    from Audrey

  11. Dear Tresor
    Which is your favrote Gunie pig? I like to do math in second grade.My favrote food is pizza.
    From Aniruddh

  12. Dear Tresor,
    I like reading and math station too.
    What is your favorite animal and why?
    I like your blog because you wrote about the Guinea pigs.


  13. Dear Tresor,
    How old are you? I am 8 years old. I like your shoes.
    from Irie

  14. Dear Tresor
    Wich is your favorite guine pig?I like your nail salon poster for market day.My favorite food is pizza to.

  15. Dear Tre'sor,
    I like the part about the guinea pig eating I really wana guinea pig at home but I don't have it do you have a pet guinea pig?And what is your favorite pet?My favorite pet is guinea pig.
    Love your best friend,

  16. Dear tresor,
    your treets are realy yummy. which gunia pig is your favorite? I like yellow and blue to.
    your friend, Aekas

  17. Everyone I loved the videos. Of all that we all made staring secound grade. lovin it.


  18. dear tresor,
    i love the font. i love the pictures.what is your favorite guinea pig?

  19. dear mrs Evans
    I miss you already.
    where did you go on your vacation?
    how's the new class going?

    from Audrey