Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Zachary's Blog!

Hi! My name is Zachary. I like Star Wars and Minecraft. At school I do math and my BFF is Timmy and what is 7+7=? 8+8=? 9+26=?
In November, we learned about immigration and family history. We got to have a Family Feast to celebrate! Here’s me eating yummy food and my favorite part of the feast were the Cheetoes!
Screenshot 2017-01-17 12.02.58.pngScreenshot 2017-01-17 12.04.04.png
Each week we are Star Surfers, we get to pick our “Dress for Success” clothing on Friday! One of my favorite days was costume day and below is a picture...can you guess which one I am?
Screenshot 2017-01-17 12.07.00.png
Also at school, I am a Stars in Motion leader. We get to lead the whole school including 2nd grade! It's so fun. Watch my video!

Stars in Motion link (if the video above doesn't work)

I like Hockey and Soccer. My favorite color is red. I have two siblings. Can you answer my math questions I gave you at the beginning of my blog? P.S-If you're 9 years old or older, you have to comment about something else below!


  1. Excellent blog Zach! I totally see you in that picture, my favorite Storm Trooper! :)

  2. Dear Zack,
    What is your favorite shade of blue? I like the math questions you gave. I like your blogging!😊😂

  3. Dear zack,
    What is your favorite shade of blue? I like your shares that you brought. I like your blogging!

    Your friend,

    1. I DO NOT LIKE BLUE!!!

  4. Dear Zachary, I like math. Also I like Star Wars. I found out the answer to your math problem 7+7 8+8 9+26=64.
    Your friend,

  5. Dear Zachary, Do you like Legos? Do you like Amulet? I know your math problem. The answer is 64! Do you like Big Hex?
    Your friend,

  6. Dear Zachary,
    What is your favorite sport? Mine is soccer, but I only play in school. Did you know I live in an apartment. Where do you live? Did you know that San Francisco is one hour from us!!
    Your friend,

  7. Dear Zachary,
    I am on the dance team too. My favorite color is red. What is yours? My favorite food is broccoli. What is yours?
    Your friend,

  8. Dear Zachary,
    I am in Star in Motion too. It is so fun. I like red too. Do you like our class pet?
    Your friend,

  9. Dear Zachary
    It is really cool that you get to lead us at Star in Motion. And I also liked the family feast too! My favorite part was when we had desert.

  10. Dear Zach,
    Do you like fun Friday?
    You're my best friend.
    Your friend, Bhargav

  11. Dear zack
    do you love pokemon? Do you like mincroft? your friend timmy

  12. Dear Zachary,
    Whats your favorite football player? Do you play legos? I like Star Wars.
    Your friend, Erik

  13. dear zachary tell me why are you funny i know that you are super funny.
    from diego

  14. Dear Zachary
    What is your favorite time lesson?How old are you because i'm seven?What level are you on proidgy because I am on level thirty five? What is your favorite animal because mine is the meaglodon shark? What is your favorite book because mine is amulet seven.
    Your friend Aryan

  15. Dear Zachary,Are you going to see the new move boos baby? do you have a Xbox 1 it is fun you get gold but you got to buy, it.Do you play Zoo tycoon.Your friend, Mariah

  16. Dear Zachary,
    What do you like to do in your spare time.
    What is your favorite color.
    What is your favorite book.

    from Analia