Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Priya's Blog

 Hi my name is Priya and this is my blog. I like math and reading and Think-O-Grams. I really love our new class pet, Hamzilla. Mrs. Evans had us research facts about 3 different animals and then we had to write an opinion piece about which pet we wanted.
This is Hamzilla, our new class pet.
I really like Mrs. Evans.  I like Mrs. Evans because she is so nice and so funny. For Market Day, I did Rainbow looms with Emily, Riley, Analisa and Courtney.  
This is my Rainbow Loom group from Market Day!
I was Susan B. Anthony for the Wax Museum.
It was hard to memorize all of my Susan B. Anthony facts for the Wax Museum!
What were you for the Wax Museum?


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  2. Dear Priya,
    I love Hamzilla! What is your favorite animal? My favorite animal is a Panda and Horse.
    Your friend,

  3. Dear Priya,
    Do you like ice cream? I like your pictures on your blog! Whats your favorite color?
    your friend Jay

  4. dear Priya
    hi Priya do you like art? I love art.
    Do you like the wax museum? I love the wax museum

  5. Dear Priya,
    What is your favorite rainbow loom? I like your poster! I really like your shares!

  6. I like your rainbow loom poster for market day. What was your favorite thing about market day? Do you like minecraft i do its fun.

  7. i was Sacagawea for the WAX Museum. like reading to. like math to.

  8. Dear,Priya what did you like about market day?what do you like about Hamzila?What is your favorite candy?

  9. Dear Priya,
    I was Gabby Douglas. Do you like to swim? What is your favorite thing to help Mrs.Evans with?
    You Best friend,Emily

  10. Dear Priya,
    I like think-o-grams too.
    Why do you like think-o-grams?
    Why do you like Rainbow looms?

  11. hi priya!
    i was in your randbow loom group! I was next to you in wax museum!
    I think you did a good job memberiseing! I was amother Teresa!
    your BFF

  12. Dear priya I was martin luther king jr. for wax museum. I also like hamzill! At market day I sold tatoos with ashlyn yasalde and parker. from jacob.

  13. Dear Priya,
    What is your favorite video game? Please tell me ok. Whats your top five favorite colors? I only know red is your favorite color only that. I was Princess Diana for the wax museum.
    From your best friend Sophie.

  14. Dear Priya,
    What is your favorite color? I was Robert Munsch for the wax musem.
    What was your favorite thing about Hamzilla?

  15. Dear, priya
    I like your picture of you at market Day. I like the picture of Hamzilla it is so cute. What is your favorite thing to do?
    From Abby
    To Priya