Sunday, December 20, 2015

Family Interview Project!

Did you learn a lot from your Family Interview Project? Who did you interview? What was the coolest thing you learned from your oldest relative? I loved hearing your stories from the past. After interviewing your relative, we logged onto and created some cool tours of our family’s history. Check out all of our hard work! If your link doesn’t work, you may have forgotten to check your share settings...or you need to finish :)

Rohin, Reiver, Hailey, Cedric, Parker, Wesley, Jairo, Riley, Priya, Jay,Courtney, Leila, Emma, Emma #2, Jacob, Olivia, Analisa, Yasalde, Ashlynn, Emily, Sarah, Yuvraj, Sophie, Sebastian, Noah, Abby, Ayden, Nathalia, Alyssa


  1. It was fun to do our tour builder!!:)

    love Emily

  2. do you like math? do you like minecraft? do you like swimming? do you like soccer? do you like school?

  3. Dear wesley
    It was fun being in your group.
    I like the paper photo.
    And we got rid of everything.
    from Rohin