Saturday, August 8, 2015

Meet the Teacher Success!!

Wow, what an amazing Meet the Teacher day to kickstart our 2015-2016 school year! We had a great turnout of new, smiling Second Grade Surfers!! Would you like to learn a little more about Mrs. Evans? Click here to read about my wonderful family and my educational career.

If you were unable to attend, don't worry! Here are some cool things the students got to do during their hour of fun. We labeled school supplies (I'll help you Monday if you weren't at school), we wrote about what your favorite observation was in my classroom so far, and also students took a 2015-16 Back To School Star Surfer Survey. I'd love to get to know you, so please Click here to take the student survey! You can do this at home too and you'll be all caught up!

Here's a quick tour of our amazing classroom. I have so many fun, cool and exciting things to share with you this year. I will be ready to roll Monday morning....will you???

Always a student and teacher favorite...the library! We have so many books they won't fit in the picture!

Last year students were challenged to read 40 books. This year...I challenge you to SEVENTY books by the end of the year! Can you do it? Here's our wall to prove it!

This is our writing center where you'll find all the supplies and tools you'll need all year.

Saved the best for real SURF BOARDS from San Diego (we have 2 in our room). Do you like the beach? I hope so because you're going to be a star surfer for the next 10 months! We are going to have a blast together. Get ready for a wild ride surfing into second grade!

Look how cute our families are! Thank you all for attending! 


  1. I am so excited I'll be there tommorow! - Cedric

    1. Cedric, I am so proud of you! You're our first comment of the school year. You rock! I can't wait for our first day tomorrow.
      Love, Mrs. Evans

  2. Dear Mrs.Evans,Just like old times! Awesome that you changed the 40 book challenge to the 70 book challenge! I hope you get good students!I hope to give you more hugs! Good luck! Love,Mariah.B

  3. Hi ms. evens
    The class room have int chandge at all it looks the same i wish i was in secend grade for a nother were my favorite techer i liked the 40 book challindge. bye

  4. Dear Mrs. Evens,
    I am sure you're class is gonna learn a lot like I had on Mrs. Torres' class. Glad you made the book challenge higher cause everyone past it.

  5. Dear Mrs.Evans
    how is second grade going?
    where did you go on your summer vacation?
    What are you teaching the second graders?


    my name is Marshmellow