Friday, May 8, 2015

Petsitting fun!


We definitely love our class pets; 2 guinea pigs named Snickers and Butterfinger. But when we had a long weekend recently, one of our wonderful families volunteered to petsit. Aekas and Aekam had a wonderful time feeding and entertaining our furry friends for 3 days! I love that we even got pictures to go with this exciting event! Thank you to our family for loving and taking great care of our little guys!


  1. Dear Mrs.Evans, They look super cute! I wish I could adopt them. My mom said no. Happy mother's day!!!!!! How they getbutterscotch to look atthe camera?
    Your student,Mariah

  2. It was such a pleasure to have Butterfinger and Snickers over to our house. Aekam and Aekas were really great with them and made sure that we had enough hay, water and treats. We found out the personalities of both the piggies and Butterfinger is so much more mischievous than Snickers. Within minutes of us filling up the hay basket, they would knocked it over and dragged it far :) The credit for getting the piggies out and pictures go to Ms. Jessica Benz :) Thanks for giving us the opportunity to take care of these cute little piggies :)

  3. dear everyone
    those guys look so cute awesome

    love emily

  4. Dear Mrs.Evans,
    That is really awesome that Aekas and Aekam
    got to play with Snickers and Butterfinger.When they were
    at your house was Lilliana contagious to them.