Monday, November 3, 2014

Hi, my name is Claire Clinton. These are some of my  favorite things in 2nd grade. I love art, dancing, and writing. We do Minecraft in computer lab too. Music is my favorite thing and also my friends! I am half French. I have one sister, a mom, and a dad. And my favorite color is mint. We do lots of fun things in 2nd grade like Market Day. Market Day is where we choose a good or service that we want to provide for our school. For example, we can make a booth like a nail salon station and duck tape things (bows, bookmarks, etc.) These are all cool things about 2nd grade!


  1. Dear Clair,
    My favrlit thing to do in school is MINECRAFT! What do you like to do in school
    your frend,

  2. Dear Claire,
    Did you know that my mom know's a little bit of french.
    Is mint your favorite ice cream two?
    I like you shoes.
    from: Irie

  3. Dear Claire,
    Are you starting anything else in MineCraft?
    My favorite color is mint too and green,and blue.
    How much people did you nail polish?
    And how much market day tickits did you get?
    Your Friend: Etienne :) :D

  4. Dear Claire,
    mint is my favorite type of ice cream too. how many people cane to your market day booth? how old is your sister?
    Your friend,
    Elliott Gough

  5. Dear Claire,
    I like your blog. My favorite color is mint too.What is your favorite reading station?
    Your friend,

  6. Dear Claire,
    I like music,art and Iike your shoes

    Love RILEWA,

  7. Dear Clair,
    I like music,art,and dancing I like your peragraph to.I'am half mexacan. I liked market day to.Do you speek french?
    your friend Nicholas

  8. Dear Claire,
    My favorite type of Ice Cream is Chocolate.How old is Lily?I like Minecraft too.

    Love Rilewa

  9. Dear Claire,Where is your house in minecraft?I like the color you used.I love art to! Love Mariah

  10. Dear Clair
    I like minecraft to.How many tickets did your group get in market day?What bilding are you making in minecraft?
    from Aniruddh

  11. Dear claire,
    How was market day? [because I was not there:( ] I am happy that you did market day :)what else did you do?

  12. Dear Clair,
    I have a dog and her name is leia.And I have a cat and her name is maddy.
    I hope you have a great year.

    Your Freind,Chase Webb

  13. Dear Claire,
    I like mint. What is your favorite thing about minecraft ??? Do you know how to speak French?

  14. Dear Claire,
    I like Minecraft too.My favorite color is Blue.Did you like market day?

  15. Dear claire,
    It was funny when the moms posed don't you think? And I like how we worked as a team and I liked how we got custumers .
    your Best friend,

  16. Dear Claire,
    What is your favorite candy to eat? What is your favorite TV show? What is your favorite block in minecraft?
    your classmate, Aekas

  17. Dear claire ,why did you not say origami world ?!?l like mint too!l like your blog.your friend,tony

  18. Dear claire ,why did you not say origami world ?!?l like mint too!l like your blog.your friend,tony

  19. Dear Claire,
    I love dancing and singing.
    I love minecraft and the computer lab to.
    How old is your sister? How old is your Mom? How old is your dad?


  20. Hi Claire,
    My favorite thing in school is writing. I'm also a violinist.
    P.S I'm the one from 3rd grade.