Monday, January 5, 2015

Hi my name is Sophia. My favorite thing to do in 2nd grade is Think-O-Grams. It is really called Learn-O-Grams.
But we call it Think-O-Grams because we have to think when we do it. My favorite Think-O-Gram is Peter Pan.The clues are peas and then there is a person tearing a paper and the last clue is a pan with eggs in it. I love school!

Hi my name is Nicholas and this is my blog.I love Minecraft!!!! We play Minecraft in computer lab at school to learn about communities. Here is a picture of my skyscraper in an urban community and you can see my character with my name above it.

I love to dance. Here are 2 vidoes of me dancing in our Zumba P.E. class.

My favorite cake is cheese cake. I love scary movies. This is my blog.

Maya's Blog

Hi my name is Maya and this is a blog all about me. For my birthday this year I got to go to San Diego I went to Pacific Beach and I loved it there. The best thing at the hotel was the WATER SLIDES! I also went to Sea World and got a stuffed animal polar bear. My little sister, Jade, got a penguin. At night the boats and water lit up. Every morning I would go and walk on the dock with my dad and on my birthday we saw a seal! It was great. My vacation was a blast!