Sunday, October 23, 2016

What a fun, project-filled week ending with Star Surfer Mariah's Disney "Dress For Success Day" (see our Mickey ears picture)! Our 4th annual Market Day was a success! We had so much fun and learned a TON! Check out our awesome pictures of students in action HERE!

 Would you like to see what we are doing this upcoming week? Click on our weekly homework planner and Academic Update 10-24-2016 to see what's cooking in 2nd grade :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2016-17 Back To School "Season"

Wow! Can you believe our Fall Break is already over? What a ride into an amazing Back To School "season"! Yes, I feel like the whole Back To School thing should be considered a season; just like a sports season. With highlights, goals, touchdowns, successes, mistakes, redos, and even some setbacks for our "team". But without a doubt, that is what we are becoming...a TEAM in 2nd grade. It has been fun, exhausting, amazing, challenging, incredible...the list goes on and on. 

Oh, and add a BRAND new school on top of that? Holy moly! It's definitely been all of the above. But, things are finally slowing down and we are getting into a routine. The kids (and I) love our new school and everything about it. We are still looking forward to many more new exciting "openings" such as GRASS, and a brand new multi-purpose room (which I haven't even see yet)! We are crossing our fingers that our 2nd Grade Market Day will be the first time our class gets to "break in" that new part of Star Academy! 

Here are some super fun pics dating all the way back to Meet the Teacher in August! Enjoy the smiles :)