Monday, September 28, 2015

Hi my name is Yuvraj,

This is my blog. I love to swim! My favorite thing is MINECRAFT and Think-O-Grams. I like math. We do chair days. I like to play and go fishing. Here is a picture of me with Mrs. Evans' surf board and fish live in the ocean where you surf!

I used to have 2 fish but they died. I can kick balls really hard and high. I like soccer! What is your favorite part of school?
Hi my name is Emily and this is blog.
I like to go swimming.
My favorite thing to do in school is Think-O-Grams and
I like to do math. Mrs. Evans lets us come up to the board and help teach a math problem. We do special chair days in your class. We have wobble chairs and exercise balls to choose from.

I like to cook. I used to have fish and I got 2 from the
state fair and 2 from Petco so I used to have 4 fish.
They all died.I have a iPad . I  play Minecraft and watch
youtube. What is your favorite chair to sit on in Mrs. Evans' class?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Our first field trip was so much fun!! Check out our Padlet we created!