Friday, June 26, 2015

End of Year Celebrations!

Wow! Can you believe summer is already 3 weeks in and it's almost July 4th? As I cleaned and organized our Star Surfer classroom the past few weeks, the halls were empty. The classroom was so quiet (way too quiet) that it really made me reflect on our year. We had such an amazing classroom and I was truly sad to loose my group of kind, loving and inquisitive 2nd graders. My little ones worked so hard and grew a tremendous amount in just 9 months. Here is a compilation of the last few weeks of hard work and dedication from our 2014-15 Star Surfers!!

During our science and literacy block, each group was able to choose a cultural version of Cinderella and teams began reading these detailed, higher-level books. Some had multiple story lines and took much thought and focus to understand all of the parts. I am very proud of the teams for working through the books and then we learned about the iMovie app on our iPads. Teams created their very own IMovie book trailer to showcase their fairy tale book. This is very exciting for our digital learners!  Cultural Fairy Tale Book Trailers

During our reading and writing block the last month of school, students were given an animal team task.  Teams selected an animal, researched their habitat, physical characteristics, predators/prey, life cycle and jaw-dropping facts. Teams created a Google Presentation on our Chromebooks. We presented these to the class the last week of school!

Last but not least, here are some cute pics from the last month of school! Enjoy and we'll see you in August :)  Last Week Pictures