Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gabriel's blog

Hi my name is Gabriel. I’m going to tell you about myself!! my favorite color is blue. My favorite thing to do is learn math. My favorite subject is art and I love painting and the color will be red. I like to do writer’s workshop. I like read at my house and at school. My favorite food is pizza.
This is a picture of me at our 2nd grade Wax Museum. I was General George Patton.
We just got a class pet 2 weeks ago. There are 2 guinea pigs in our cage.
We went bowing for our Forces and Motion unit and I learned that when there's no friction from the bumpers and the ball goes straight, the speed was faster!

Chase's Blog

Hi my name is Chase and I am in second grade. I like Minecraft and we get to play it every Thursday in the computer lab. I have a dog named Leia. I have a cat named Maddy. My sister is Kendall and she's in kindergarten. In second grade, my favorite thing to do is math. Do you like dogs like Leia because she is cute!
This is not my dog, but looks just like Leia!
This is a photo of me working on my art lesson. I love art!!
This is me when my group was working on our Market Day product. We created Minecraft paper crafts to sell to the school. We were learning about goods and services.

Meet Mr. Jonas!

Hi my name is Jonas. My favorite subject is math. I love Minecraft! My best friend at home is Vincent. We went on a field trip with my dad to the Capitol Building. My picture below is from another field trip we went on. 2nd grade went bowling. This is our group picture at the bowling alley for our forces and motion field trip. What was your favorite field trip and why?


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hi I am Tresor and I will talk all about me. I love to read, paint, write and color. I like to hang out with my family. I like to ride my bike. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite color is black, purple, yellow and blue. My favorite toy is surfer girl.  

My favorite activity in 2nd grade is doing R.E.A.D and M.A.T.H workshop. My mom has come in our class to read to us and talk about owning a business. This went with our goods and services unit. In that unit, we also did Market Day where my group and I created a nail salon business and the whole school came to get their nails done! It was so fun! You can see my pictures above.

In Mrs. Evans’ class, we just got a new class pet. We have 2 guinea pigs and their names are Butterfinger and Snickers. They like to eat baby carrots, oranges, and apple slices. Fridays will be the days we get to pet the piggies and play with them outside their cage. Right now, we are allowed to watch them and sit and read with them. We adopted them from a really nice family in Roseville and here is a funny video of the piggies with their old owners. Guinea Pig Fun! What do you like to do in 2nd grade?