Monday, November 3, 2014

Hi, my name is Claire Clinton. These are some of my  favorite things in 2nd grade. I love art, dancing, and writing. We do Minecraft in computer lab too. Music is my favorite thing and also my friends! I am half French. I have one sister, a mom, and a dad. And my favorite color is mint. We do lots of fun things in 2nd grade like Market Day. Market Day is where we choose a good or service that we want to provide for our school. For example, we can make a booth like a nail salon station and duck tape things (bows, bookmarks, etc.) These are all cool things about 2nd grade!

This is a paragraph all about Ysabel.
My favorite school subject is MATH workshop. My favorite chocolate is Twix. I love painting. My favorite animal is a Bunny. I love the series is Dork Diaries.