Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Baby Jax
    Hi our names are Amanda and Angelina. We are going to tell you about Mrs. Evans’ Baby. His name is Jax. He has reddish blondish hair. His birthday is March 19th, 2014. He is the only male kid boy in Maria’s family. Baby Jax has a big sister named Lilliana and she just turned 4 years old. He was once a straight jacket (a swaddle). Parents have to swaddle babies when they are not familiar with being in our big world. Parents do this when they are sleeping so they feel safe.  When they wake up and can stretch, they look like a superhero. Have you ever seen a picture of him? We have!! Which is your favorite picture? Which one do you think is really cute? Here are some pictures!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Dr. Sun does  Mystery Reader

Hello my name is Laiba and I am in Mrs. Evans’ 2nd grade class. Today l am going to tell you about Mystery Readers.  A Mystery Reader is a person that comes to read to us and they can be a parent, a relative, or a friend to a student in Mrs. Evans’ class. One week, we got to have Dr. Sun come and surprise us!  She is the head of all the Natomas Charter Schools!  Dr. Sun read the book, Extra Yarn.  My favorite part of Extra Yarn is when the girl tricks the pirate.  There is a book trailer about Extra Yarn so you should check it out’s so cute!  Extra Yarn book trailer. What is your favorite part of the book, Extra Yarn?