Monday, January 27, 2014

Guest Blogger Fun~What's Writing Workshop? by: Audrey

Hello, my name is Audrey and I’m from Mrs. Evans’s class. Today I’ll talk about Writing Workshop.  Writing Workshop is a workshop we do in school and we can write our own stories. My favorite part of Writing Workshop is coming up with ideas. I also like drawing the pictures to go with them. Writing Workshop is also my favorite part of school.My favorite genre to write about is fantasy. A genre is the kind of book.  What is your favorite genre to write about?

P.S---After we go through the whole writing process (brainstorm, prewrite, rough draft, revise/edit, and finally publish) we get to do author's chair and we record it on video!! Here is an example of me sharing my Gooney Bird Greene (by Lois Lowry)-inspired story in front of the whole class!! Gooney Bird Greene is a story about a very smart and interesting 2nd grade student who LOVES to write and tell stories! She also loves to take a real life event and exaggerate it quite a bit to make it interesting to the we followed her lead and made our own "Absolutely True Stories".
**PLEASE COMMENT BELOW AND TELL US : What is your favorite genre to write about?